A Beginning
What reminds you of someone else?


Possible Ideas

What do you love about yourself?
Something Beautiful
The First Time I…
A place you love
A place you fel safe
An Escape
What is magical?
Someone else’s art
Something that’s become a part of you.
Something that defines you.
For as long as I can remember…
I never thought I’d…
I’ve always wanted to…
Laughter is the best medicine
A place you’re proud to say you’ve been
I can always rely on…
Someone you never expected you’d get along with.
Being small, being grand.
A quirk
A colour
Something you don’t understand.
Your favourite foods
Proud to be a part of…
Something you’ll never forget.
A belief.
It caught me off guard
Thouroughly Vile/Hateful.



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